Robynn died on November 13, 2007 from a small bowel volvulous with infarction. What is this?
Bowel infarction or 'bowel death' results from a severely restricted blood supply to part of the bowel; this can in turn be due to an uncorrected bowel twist or bowel strangulation, or to occlusion of one of the mesenteric arteries. Strangulation sometimes results from fibrous bands which can form after major bowel surgery due to post operative adhesions. The condition is very commonly fatal, is difficult to anticipate and not an easy diagnosis. Small numbers of people have survived resection of extensive sections of bowel following arterial occlusion, but maintaining nourishment presents large problems.

If there is any silver lining here, the only positive with this type of condition is that I am just grateful that she did not suffer a long, excruciating death. God took her very quick. My heart will have a hole in it for the rest of my life until that day that I see her in heaven and can hold her in my arms again. 


Forever missing my Angel

Love You ALWAYS, baby girl...