Parents who have lost a child to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) are in tremendous need of emotional support. Because no cause is found for the infant's death, many parents suffer from guilt feelings. What SIDS parents must understand is that nothing could be done. Feeling guilty for your child's death is only a destructive mechanism in your journey of grief although, it is also a normal one. Babies are so small, and fragile and there are still mysteries that are still undiscovered when it comes to all the diagnoses of what causes a baby to die.

While you are feeling the pain and frustration of the loss of your child, your feelings may be aggravated by investigations by police or others who, by law, must determine the cause of death. These investigators may seem insensitive, and may anger you more. Some of the things they say, or insinuate may even add to the trauma that you are already experiencing. The best thing to do is to try not to hold on to the things that transpire during this time. You may even have a resentment towards law enforcement for a while. These feelings usually are temporary but are very strong while they do exist. Relying on supportive family and friends and venting your feelings will help.

Timing of a subsequent pregnancy is a concern for many parents after experiencing SIDS. The fear of this nightmare happening all over again is very real. Although it may be hard, the best thing to do is to remain positive and try not to focus too much on the aspect of SIDS; although realistically,
it will always be in your mind.